Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton, Pennsylvania

by Ken Humphreys

The Steamtown National Historic Site was established on October 30, 1986 and is the premier museum in the country for preservation of steam lomocotives. The collection is vast and includes many types of railroad equipment in addition to locomotives. The museum has an operating roundhouse and turntable, exhibits of railroad history, and technology, and tours and excursion trips. It is a phenominal place which should be on the must visit list of all rail fans.

Click on each image below to see its full sized version and related photos. Hit your back button to return and view the next group of photos. The photos appear on two pages plus a page with a progression of shots showing the step-by-step rotation of a Canadian National locomotive on the Steamtown turntable. All images are copyrighted by Ken Humphreys.

Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" #4012 at Steamtown. Built by American Locomotive Works, 1941.
Rahway Valley Railroad 2-8-0 #15. Built by Baldwin Locomotive Works, 1916.
Reading Railroad 4-8-4 #2124. Built by Baldwin, 1947.
Canadian National Railway 4-6-4T #47, ex-Grand Trunk Railway (Canada) #1542. Built by Montreal Locomotive Works, 1914.
Illinois Central Railroad 2-8-0 #790. Built by American Locomotive Co. (Cooke), 1903.
Delaware Lackawanna & Western Railroad locomotive #4103 working in the yard adjacent to Steamtown. This loco is not a part of the Steamtown collection. Why would it be? It ain't steam!!!
Delaware Lackawanna & Western Railroad hopper car #81178. Built some time in the 1910's. It was sold for scrap but was purchased by Steamtown from the scrap dealer and restored.
Grand Trunk Western Railroad 4-8-2 #6039. Built by Baldwin Locomotive Works, 1925.

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